Book review, Received for Review

Bill the Jungle Octopus by Angela Pink


Format: Paperback


Length: 44 pages
Genre: Children’s fiction
Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Rating: 5/5 stars
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review

I have discovered that I really enjoy children’s books. There is something about the innocence of the stories and the black and white moral and ethical values in them that make me feel at peace while reading them. I was glad that I asked for this book from Olympia Publishers and was even more glad that they sent a paperback for it.

The illustrations are beautiful and colorful. They are sure to grab the attention of little kids. If it inspires children to start reading more, the world would definitely be a better place.

The Author

Angela Pink is a 30-something animal lover from Essex. Bill the Jungle Octopus is her first book.

The Blurb

Bill the Octopus lives a happy and carefree life with his friends in the ocean, until one day he is scooped up and taken on a jungle adventure where he does his best to avoid becoming lunch!

The Book

Bill the Octopus lives with his buddies in the ocean until one fateful day he is rudely removed from his home. He then has to live in a jungle with the other animals who don’t fully accept him. This is a very apt representation of how removing an animal from his natural habitat causes disruption to the animal as well as the new habitat and the animals there.


The story takes a dramatic turn with the animals being threatened and the Octopus coming in to save the day. Here we see that even the underdog can rise above the situation and help others in need. A good heart prevails even in face of bullying and neglect and everyone, however insignificant, has something to contribute to the society. Even without reading too deeply into the story, it still maintains its uniqueness. The illustrations are sure to grab the attention of readers, young and old alike. I enjoyed every bit of the colorful 13 pages.

TL;DR: A fun short story that will grab your attention. The beauty of the illustrations leave you wanting for more.

Do you have a favorite illustrator?

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