When you are a bibliophile and a foodie, life’s good!

The blog

The blog ‘thefoodandbooklife’ does just what is says. It chronicles my love for the written word with my love for food.Combine my need to experiment and my travels and you have a whole host of diverse experiences to write about.


The blogger

I am Ananya, a dentist who would love nothing better than to sit at my reading nook all day long with a bowl of something crispy, a glass of lemonade and a bar of chocolate. My affair with books began very early when my mother who is a teacher read all sorts of books to me. The first book that I actually remember attempting (and succeeding) to read was Bedtime Stories by Enid Blyton. I still remain an ardent Blyton fan and have re-read the Famous Five just last year for the millionth time.

My first novel was Nancy Drew when I was 9 and I still remember begging my mother to read the next chapter out loud to me when my little eyes tired after a couple of pages. My fondest summer memories are surely the afternoons when my mother and I would be sprawled on the floor, each with a book in our hands and fall asleep only to dream of the characters in the current favourite book.

Although my family has always been a ‘lets try out the new restaurant in town’  and a ‘be a Roman while in Rome and eat as the Romans do’ kind of family, I never had the idea of chronicling these travel and food experiences until now. To think of all the places that I had visited since I was a toddler and to not have a journal of all the things that I have seen or tasted, what a waste! Well, its time to (w)right the wrong and dig up the old photographs and start blogging away to glory!

What was your first book experience? What made you decide to try out the new food that nobody wanted to? Read more to know my answers or instagram me  @the_food_and_book_life