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Book Subscription Box- IAAK Harry’s Wondrous World July Box


Curator: IAAK

Month: July, 2018

Theme: Harry’s Wondrous World

Price: Rs. 2799/-

Harry’s Wondrous World IAAK July Box

As you know I started by Subscription box journey with Books N Beyond in September 2017. I then subscribed to the Aurora Box of Dreams October box, The IAAK December box and the Aurora Box of Dreams January box. I had decided that I would stop subscribing for a while because they don’t come cheap and I felt like I had spent a bit too much on merchandise ever since I started bookstagramming. But July being my birthday month, I wanted to gift something to myself. July is also Harry Potter month and I love that it coincides with my birthday. I wanted to combine the two and when I saw that IAAK had a Harry Potter themed box for July, I jumped at the chance… Or I should have because by the time I actually went on their website to order, the boxes had been sold out. But the birthday luck was with me and they reopened bookings due to popular demand and I made sure that I ordered mine in time and I just couldn’t wait to receive the box.

I ordered the premium box which promised to have a Five Star Funko, a Funko Plush and other officially licensed HP goodies while the Standard box did not have the Funko Plush. According to their sneak peaks, the Funko Plush were a choice between Hermione, Dumbledore, Dobby, Harry, Ron and Voldemort. IAAK was nice enough to ask us to comment on their post asking about our choices and I gave mine as Hermione, Dobby or Voldy.

For the Five Star Funko, the choices were Hermione with a book, wand, and feather; Harry with a Hogwarts letter, wand, and Hedwig; Dumbledore with Fawkes and a wand; Ron with Scabbers, a wand, and a chocolate frog; and Hagrid with a cake and his pink umbrella. I chose Hermione here. The boxes were to be shipped during the last week of July and I was to go on a holiday in the first week of August. So I was hoping against hope that I receive the box before I left and before my birthday month got over and I did! Ah the bliss when things work out for a change!

Here is what the box contained-

  1. A 5 Star Funko Hermione complete with a wand, a feather and a ‘Hogwarts: A History’ book. Typical Hermione!
  2. A Dobby Funko Plushie. He is cuter than what any of us imagined in the books and the Dobby from the movies! I love him.

    The Funko Products
  3. A blind Funko Keychain where mine had Hedwig. So tiny and cute!
  4. Stickers by @enchanted.marks in the shape of Hagrid, Hagrid’s famous cake and a baby Mandrake.
  5. Dumbledore’s Army sign-up sheet, group photographs, Daily Prophet and prints from @enchanted.marks again.

    Goodies from Enchanted Marks
  6. A hologram notebook with Harry Potter’s profile overlaid with symbolism from the Potter world.
  7. Cork coasters representing all four Hogwarts houses (I’m Gryffindor BTW).
  8. Harry Potter stationary kit that contained a pen, a pencil, an eraser, a sharpener and a scale. Where was this when I was in school?!
Harry Potter Stationary and House Pride Coasters

I loved all of the goodies and as always, the customer service by IAAK was impeccable.

I had a great birthday month anticipating and then opening and reveling in all the Harry Potter-ness. IAAK is soon to turn one and I can’t wait to see what they have planned for us in the future.

Have you subscribed to boxes yet?

What are your favourites?

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